Christmas Story

Christmas Memories

By Tilly Rivers

Copyright 2009, Tilly Rivers

It is not the gifts that is forefront in my memories

Very few presents do I remember

I remember the feelings as if they were yesterday




I remember every year we use to sing Christmas carols

Out of tune

Off key

Words not remembered-- hummed

It was so beautiful

No music now matches its wonder

I remember all of us being home

The gathering of the clan

The smells of home made baking

Christmas cake, home made candy, and a raisin pie

Dad’s favorite

Mom’s famous pumpkin pie

Going for a drive into town to see the Christmas lights on display

The ‘ohhh’s” and “aww’s”

Of each glass bulb blinking for our personal honor

I remember Dad would place a nail just so for us to place our socks

One by one we would put them up

With visions of what Santa Claus would bring

Always on Christmas morning we had to eat breakfast

Before we had our gifts

The one healthy meal of the day

For we were allowed to eat candy whenever we wanted

That day only

Stuff our faces until we turned green

I remember the turkey dinners

Christmas stories of past

The mistletoe hanging in the living room

My parents making excuses to visit it often

My special ornament for the tree


Hand sewn doll clothes

My first doll house

Lovingly built with wall paper on the walls

Curtains on the windows, carpet and furniture

Each piece created from love

For me

I remember believing in magic

For my parents made it special

I remember candy canes and snow

Making snow angels

Throwing unsuspecting snow missiles at my siblings

And running behind my dad for protection if they dared to get even


I remember the laughter the most…

Christmas memories


Captured moments of the soul

Making me smile