Poetry-Open Mike Night

When: May 16 2008
What: Read your poetry ‘on air’ on the Features Radio Program hosted by Tilly Rivers
Time: Begins at 11 PM EST
Where: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Tilly-Rivers
Call in number: 718-664-6449

Details: In order to give as many people as possible a chance to read their poetry on air, we have limited the reading to ONE poem per person. You are welcome to tell everyone what your website and / or contact information is- and a small introduction--your name and location- please send listeners to your website or other contact info for a complete bio.

Be sure to spread the word—this is “open” which means new or veteran poets are welcome- and of course after the show, you can download a copy to promote your writing!

I’m So Not Ready
By Tilly Rivers

I’m so not ready to say good bye Dad
Not this good bye
The one that lasts forever
So if you don’t mind
I think I’ll just say we will see each other again one day
Not sure of the times
But it doesn’t matter
I know you’ll be there
You always have been before

I’m so not ready to say I love you for the last time
Not the last time Dad
So if you don’t mind
I think I’ll just say it over and over
Each night
Each day
Because I know you’re whispering it to me

I’m so not ready to face the world without you
Not like this Dad
I still need you
So if you don’t mind
I think I’ll just talk to you whenever I need to
Like we use too

I’m so not ready for you to leave Dad
Please don’t leave me
I know I’m all grown up now
But right now Dad
I’m still just your baby girl
So if you don’t mind
I think I’ll just keep you
Deep in my heart

I’m so not ready Dad
I can’t let go
So if your don’t mind
I think I will close my eyes and pretend your still here

I love so much
Forever your baby girl

Feel Around the Fringes
By Tilly Rivers

A need to feel around the fringes-Test the edges
Never stifle innovation-Stay in the moment
Become aware of myself-My options-My Strengths
Time to learn how to react-Circumstances that can not be changed
Time to learn how to act-In a positive way-To what can be changed
To love me-To love life-Except others have faults
Will disappoint me-Fail to live up to the mark-I have placed upon them
Learn life is about imperfection-Not perfection-For it is the mars and dents
That make us who we are-It is the weaknesses not the strengths-That become opportunities
Learning channels-A need to feel around the fringes
Discover a new-Truth around us-Hidden treasures

A Mothers Song
By Tilly Rivers

Who will write a mothers song?
The sweetest melody
Who will spin the words?

Who will put the laughter in the tune?
Or the ache of her arms wishing for a child long grown
Who will be able to express the pride?

Who will know the pain inside?
When a child cries
When they write a mothers song

Who knows the depth?
Could possibly explain
The love from a child’s cuddle

Who will write a mothers song?
The sweetest melody
Reflecting the simple joys

Who will find the musical notes?
That would match a child’s eyes
A song that will fly

Who will write a mother’s song?
Who could possibly master the over whelming love, worry, pain, and joy
A song that lifts and heals the soul

Eyes By Tilly

By Tilly Rivers

Laying in bed
Eyes wide
Thinking of you
Why aren’t you at my side?
Thoughts turn to fantasy
Skin tingles with awakening
Eyes foggy in ecstasy
Why aren’t you at my side?
My mind pretends
My touch is yours
My moan is repeated
Only craving more
Hollow touches, alone
Why aren’t you at my side?
Eyes closed
Body tingling in want
Thoughts turning to haunted desire
Wanting you so much
Why aren’t you at my side?
Need builds
My hands pleasures
Soft gasps
Heavy breaths
The night steals my voice
As I beg
I need you at my side
Laying in my bed
Eyes pools of sadness
Hollow touches
Wanting what is not mine
Roll over to my side
Closing my eyes to the darkness