Happy Birthday Dad

Birthday Wishes

By Tilly Rivers
COPYRIGHT Tilly Rivers, 2005

Clarence Rivers, Birth date: February 27

This birthday wish is not like any other

For it is placed on the wings of the wind

My lips whisper to a different realm

Happy Birthday Dad

I love you so

It is so hard to believe that you are not here

No card to buy

No gift to give

No telephone call

No visit


Yet my heart beats with the same wishes

Happy Birthday Dad

I love you so

Special delivery today from the wings of the wind

From me to you

A hug, a smile

Yes even a tear

Happy Birthday Day

I love you so

I miss your voice

Your hugs

Your kisses

I miss you calling me “Baby Girl”

I miss you so much Dad, not just today but always

Wind, please be strong and carry this message to the beyond

Swirl and dance and hold him tight

And whisper in his ear my love this night


By Tilly Rivers

© Copyright, Tilly Rivers 2011

I need to Inhale

Flames of me, flames of you

Breathing fire-Pure desire

I need to Inhale

Cravings, wanting you

Breathing fire-wet with desire

I need to Inhale

Flames of us- flesh melting into the other

Breathing fire Turning our love to desire

I need to touch

Touching you- touching me

Touching fire- erotic desire


..........my fire


By Tilly Rivers

Copyright 2008, Tilly Rivers

While the path may look cold

Is it not beautiful?

Do not be so sure your next steps are wrong

Do not be scared to venture along a new path


Or warm?

Judge with your complete spirit of self

Not with what the populace deems correct

No the difference between illusion and truth

Follow your heart, know your mind, and feed your spirit

Not with cold

With the mystic power of