Craving Touch

Craving Touch
Tilly Rivers

Full lips
Have thee
Eyes that draw you in
A look you have
Promised sin
Lost I am
One look is all I need
Fair of face
Nah I say
Beauty reflects
Fair would never describe thee
Long legs
Catch everyone’s attention
Body of curves
Sweet hills
Pure sensuality
Hair of silk
Begs the hand to touch
Skin so soft
Pulling my fingers
Craving to touch
Must touch
Beauty you are
Craving your touch
One more second
Lingering I am

Cold Window Pane

Cold Window Pane
By Tilly Rivers

Tip of my finger on the cold window pane
Silent room my only company
Feeling lost inside, devoid of touch
Craving the energy of the quiet moon
Seeking the wisdom of the ancient willow tree
Where did it go wrong? This dream of mine
How do I find warmth along this icy path?
Fog covering my eyes, thick mass hiding the signs
Help me I am asking, please
Take my hand guide my feet
Carry me for I am too weak
Tip of my finger on the cold window pane
Seeing nothing, lost in my pain
Help me! Hear me scream without a voice
For my spirit is to cold to find sound
Carry me please from this icy path
Let my feet touch warmth
My fingers feel heat