Breathe In the Sensations

Tilly Rivers, © Copyright 2005

Breathe in the sensations--of gratitude

Discover the consciousness--of self-assurance

Feel the beauty--of smoothness

Know the touch--of gentleness

Laugh with --a playful heart


Discover the ability--to be enhanced

Feel the empowerment --of being inspired

Express amusement--with laughter

Life’s energy--Love

Gain insight--acceptance and surrender


Open and receptive--qualities of life

Pure energy --Freedom

Trust in love--natural folds

Be present--moment to moment

Breathe in the sensations—the essence of you

Fool On My Knees

Copyright, Tilly Rivers

Reaching into the air

Seeing the colours that aren’t really there

When will I learn that love is a fable?

And stop falling on my knees begging like a fool

Falling on my knees

Crying so loud

Sobs from the heart

Wrenching my heart; questioning who I am

Raise my hands to the sky

Clenched fists begging why

Why am I such a fool to believe?

Why am I such a fool to still care?

It does not seem to matter how much you hurt me

I still have a spot that won’t let you go inside me

I’m not a silly person without backbone or brain

Why than I ask; Am I such a fool when it comes to you?

“Let him go!” my mind screams

“Let him go!” My spirit begs “Release the pain”

Yet my heart hangs on like a fool

A fool on my knees


By Tilly Rivers

Copyright, 2006

I have embraced life

I am so willing to go

My to do list is long

Each time I complete a mission

I add more

A little more daring

A little more fun

I have let life

Take my heart

My body

My soul

I am one with the wind

The sun and the rain


Each day in life

I do

I see

No path unexplored

No star undetected

No body of water untouched

No sunset concealed

I have decided

I will never have regrets

For a dream undiscovered

I will never know a page

Of a book unlearned, unread

Freedom is mine

I thank life each day

I praise the universe with a smile

Life has captivated me

Don't Drop Me

Tilly Rivers, 2010

Don't Drop Me

I’ve craved love-Wanted so badly for it to be true

Don’t drop me

I’ve opened myself to chance-A chance at love with you

Don’t drop me

I’ve always been scared to dream-Shut off the hope that love does exist

I won’t be able to survive the plunge


Don’t drop me