Tilly Rivers, Copyright © Rain Enterprises

We can all dwell on what we conceive to be as unfair in life.

Let the power of that misery eat and absorb who we are until we no longer, feel or even resemble the person we were once.

We can all sit and let that anger that bitterness of why me, filter into every pore, every fiber of us until we are comforted in our misery, in our pain.

Until we are justified within ourselves to feel the way we do.

Until we no longer see anything, or any one without first seeing the ugliness.

Anger, sadness, negative emotions and thoughts will never get me what and where I want, but following my own path will.

Challenges lead to positive results

I have learned that by nurturing love, it will nurture me

I believe that if i treat those around me with sincerity and kindness my path will be marked with the success of what is right.

How easy is it to give up? To give in?

To let the negative parts of life win


Why do YOU let fear eat us alive until we no longer become who and what we are?